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The Study of the Word of God

Is the Bible historically & scientifically accurate ?

Which religion got it right?

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This is a religious song about when sometimes you feel down or had a really bad day it reminds you that God is still with you and how he'll never give you up, how you need to remember to give god all your faith because he's always there to guide you along in life and protects you with holy angels from evil spirits and demons.


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A YouTube music animation about how Jesus will return and when he does return we will rise up against Satan/Devil and send him back to hell. 

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          Welcome to the The Commonwealth of Australia.

          If you are an Australian Resident click to join (proof of citizenship or residency may be required).

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          Former top cop Kel Glare hits out at Daniel Andrews over controversial Omnibus Bill

          A former top cop has taken a swipe at Daniel Andrews over a controversial piece of legislation, saying the Premier “thinks he is God”.


          Mining bodies and law council at odds over laws protecting Indigenous heritage

          The Australian Mining and Exploration Council tells Juukan Gorge inquiry changes to strengthen laws would be an ‘over-reach’

          Senior health official contradicts Premier's claim on curfew policy

          A senior health department official has openly disagreed with the Premier’s publicly stated reasons for implementing the curfew.


          Clive Palmer setback in High Court stoush with WA: Ordered to submit new file after judge found it ‘impenetrable’


          Kathrin escaped 'brainwashing' in East Germany. Now she's seeing it in Sydney during COVID-19

          Should those spreading misinformation be held accountable? Or is all part of the master plan?

          Hungry Jack's returns serve in bun fight with McDonald's

          The fast food chain says in a Federal Court defence its "Big Jack" trademark does not infringe McDonald's Big Mac trademark.

          The woman, from Caboolture.... Fraudster bride swindled $43,000 out of boss to pay for her wedding

          Westpac settles AUSTRAC money laundering case with $1.3 billion fine, at $67 per breach some would argue it is good value.

          Claremont serial killings trial live verdict updates: Bradley Robert Edwards found guilty of murders of Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon, not guilty of Sarah Spiers murder.

          Judge says Immigration minister's conduct 'criminal'

          Justice Geoffrey Flick described the minister's behaviour as "not unprecedented" and warned Mr Tudge he was placing himself above the law.


          Family fined for leaving car window open while parked at home in Sydney with owner in front yard watching at the time.

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