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Q. How would I know that every uploaded photo and content of mine will be just mine? Will it be included in the ToS? And if I uploaded anything then it'll also be uploaded to your server therefore you will also have what I uploaded, does that mean even though you do have it on your server you don't own it?

A. You will know as you will have your own subdomain hosting that you control. You can control all the content, what is visible what is not, what is encrytped and how, even though it will be stored on our servers initially at least, you will have the ability to move the content to your own servers/hosting.

Q, If IMREAL.LIFE won't be tracking user movements wouldn't it also mean that IMREAL.LIFE might be subject to abuse such as people might be selling or posting anything illegal? Or might be planning something illegal through it?

A. Think of it just like owning your own website, you can do what you want with it, you are responsible for it and its content. If you do something illegal then the authorities in your respective Country will deal with you, a digital presence is not exempt from the law and in IM REAL LIFE as you are interacting with your real identity it would be foolish to try use the platform to commit crimes.

Q. Settling disputes thru community votes could also be subject to abuse since people are bias to begin with, such as there are people who are racist and they'll be basing their judgment not on the merits of the case and evidence provided by the accused/accuser but on the race of those who are involved?

A. Any decisions made must reflect the merits and facts of the case. You must remember that the only time this becomes relevant is if another member reports your content as being inappropriate or unlawful in some way. Race or other irrelevant considerations will not be part of the decision.